# JSON queries

You can use the ref function from the main module to refer to json columns in queries. There is also a bunch of query building methods that have Json in their names. Check them out too.

See FieldExpression for more information about how to refer to json fields.

Json queries currently only work with postgres.

const { ref } = require('objection');

await Person.query()
  .where('age', '>', ref('animals.jsonData:details.ageLimit'));

Individual json fields can be updated like this:

await Person.query().patch({
  'jsonColumn:details.name': 'Jennifer',
  'jsonColumn:details.age': 29

withGraphJoined and joinRelated methods also use : as a separator which can lead to ambiquous queries when combined with json references. For example:


Can mean two things:

  1. column name of the relation jsonColumn.details
  2. field name of the details object inside jsonColumn column

When used with withGraphJoined and joinRelated you can use the from method of the ReferenceBuilder to specify the table:

await Person.query()
  .where(ref('jsonColumn:details.name').from('children:children'), 'Jennifer');